11/17/2005 – Susan Oliver signs ‘Gelbo’s World’

Published on November 17, 2005


Susan Oliver signs ‘Gelbo’s World’

Friends and patrons gathered at NorDys Gallery for a booksigning with Birmingham artist Susan Oliver. Susan wrote and illustrated ”Gelbo’s World: Remembering Colors,” a book for children and adults. Book-signings will continue at museums, libraries, book stores and Children’s Hospital.

Some of those at the first book-signing were the gallery owners, Nancy Dyson, and husband Robbie Dyson, who is a caterer; Kim Castle; David and Mary Kimerling; Jon and Sheryl Kimerling; Ken Jackson; Tom and Sheree Acheson; Rick and Eve Hirsch; Melvin and Melissa Zivitz; Marilynn Potts; Jeff Dugas; Ed Krebs; Louise Abroms; Pam Meisler; Nancy Meisler; Evelyn Allen; David Lee; Cherie Harris; Bo Hale; Margie Pizitz; Allen and Charlie Jaffe; Jim and Lydia Sokol; Kelley Bownes; Tracy DeFour; Jeff Ronilo; Kim Zakarin; Lee Winston; Dewinn Tibbs; Kris Childs; Leo Ticheli; Eddie and Vicki Denaburg; Fred and Brenda Friedman; Kim West; Gail Redman; Bill and Kim Horton; Lynn Wilson; Charlotte Corenblum; Maxine Lerner; Franklin and Jennifer Majors; and Suzanne Pizzitola. Susan’s artwork can be found in prestigious corporate and private collections, but also shows up on wine labels (Kracher Wines in Austria) and past City Stages posters. ”Gelbo’s World” can be found at Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Jonathan Benton Bookseller, Little Professor and other places.

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