7/23/2006 – Join others on the ‘arf’ scene at Picasso Pets benefit auction

Published on July 23, 2006

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S arah Bear Carlton paints the town red – and orange – with tinges of brown, green and light blue. Her favorite pastime of watching squirrels beneath and on limbs of trees just outside the window inspired an impressionistic fall landscape created with numerous pawprints.

Ronnie and Sheila Carlton will present Sarah Bear and her masterpiece at the Hand-in-Paw 2006 Picasso Pets Debut and Auction on Aug. 19 at Zamora Shrine Temple.

Along with creative ”arfworks,” Ken Jackson will auction several fabulous packages. One is a rare Napa Valley experience, not available to the public, for three couples. The package includes tours of the historic Beringer Brothers Winery and caves, tasting of Private Reserve Wines and dinner for six by acclaimed chef David Frakes at Beringer’s Historic Hudson House.

Honorary chairwoman Sandy Logan and event coordinator Allison Black Cornelius plan an incredible night for guests and canine artists. The paintings to be auctioned will be exhibited in a setting decorated by Tim Walker of Flora. Guests will enjoy cuisine by Chef Brad Peters.

To help celebrate the 30th anniversary of Jacob’s Creek wine, Pernod-Ricard USA is donating highly rated Jacob’s Creek Reserve Chardonnay and Jacob’s Creek Reserve Shiraz. The silent auction room will be filled with pet, home and garden, art, food and wine, travel, and entertainment options.

In addition to the Carltons, proudly presenting their talented pets are Alvin and Jill Atlas with Jake and Hallie; Roger and Patty Berkow with Boomer and Foster; Jim and Paula Car-

roll with Cricket and Clancy; Scott and Kali Cole with Gracie; Nick and Ginny Derzis with Blue and Duke; Phil and Joy Dorn with Gabby; Beth Gibbins with Chase and Hanna; Ken and Joan Goode with Molly; Paula Grunwell with Desmo; Pete and Kathy Horton with Lucy; James and Wendy Johnston with Amelia; James and Katie Lasker with Tweety and Nixie; Mary Kay Laumer with Kally and Sally; Jeff and Katrina Logan with Ella; Jacob and Lucy Thompson Marsh with Darlin’ and Butterbean; Susan and Rick Nelms with Val; Claire Peel with Moses and Dusty; Howard and Lisa Thompson Smith with Lucky; John and Libby Todd with Burn; and Byrd and Laura Williams with Beau and Rebel. Works can be seen beforehand at several art galleries and department stores.

The artists will wear berets designed by Barbara Pierzakowski to the auction. Artists who served as muses and mentored the animal artists include: Sue Ellen Brown, Billy Connelly, Dori DeCamillis, Leah Dodd, Doug Duncan, Audra Edwards, Tay Berryhill Gardner, Audra Gray, Barbara Henderson, Bob McKenna, Julie Nelson, Donna O’Brien, nationally known artist T.S. Carson, and internationally known artist Susan Oliver.

Tickets are $100 per person. Call 322-5144. All proceeds benefit Hand-in Paw’s programs, which help children and youth with social, emotional and physical challenges.

Hand-in-Paw serves those receiving care at Children’s Hospital, St. Vincent’s, UAB Hospital, UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center, Brookwood Hospital, Mitchell’s Place, Bell Center for Early Intervention Programs, Glenwood Mental Health and many other facilities.

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